The foremost spectacular application of the OCRS “” solution is on an Oil Spill on the high seas: offshore.

A first vessel carrying the spraying unit has to sail at lowest speed possible along the edge of the polluted area to spray the OCRS absorbent on the oil. The absorbent will bind with the oil immediately. It forms a composite “carpet” with a width depending on the recovery equipment used. This carpet can best described as a sponge.


The oil recovery system itself is on board the second ship. This special  equipment recovers the “carpet” out of the water. After which oil and carpet (absorbent)  are separated. Any water (if at all) is returned into the sea after being filtered. Oil will be stored on board in tanks for recycling into the economy. The remaining absorbent (carpet) can easily be pressed and stored in containers. This is an ideal propellant in the industry in general.


The quantity and quality of absorbent which must be used depends on the type and the volume of spilled oil. A trained expert will decide on the spot about the composition of the used chemicals and the thickness the carpet will need. For this special computer software is used. 

 OCRS stands for a sustainable, environmental friendly solution.