The OCRS International Team







° Brussels 13/06/1955 
Married, 4 children.

Master at Law UA,Master at Maritime and Aeronautical Law ULB.Business activities:

  • 1980 - 2006: shareholder, executive of Hessenatie NV, later PSA Belgium: the biggest Port operator in Antwerp and Zeebrugge.
  • 2002 - ongoing: Partner of Falconsult bvba: a maritime and logistical consultant and networker.
  • 2011 - ongoing: Partner of OCRS FCZ.

2007 - 2014: Member of the Belgian federal parliament. 2006 - ongoing: Member of the Antwerp City Council. Ceurvorstlaan 2610 Wilrijk, Flanders (B)



Born in Antwerp (Belgium) on December 11th, 1954. Frans is since 2009 active as a Business Angel and Entrepreneur in Berlin (Germany). He is a non-executive member of several supervisory boards and advisory councils in Germany, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates. Prior to that Frans was working as a partner in an international consultancy company based in Berlin. He started his career as  a junior manager at Gauselmann AG. He endet his professional career in 2009 having been working as an (chief) executive manager in international enterprises in 19 countries on 4 continents.

He graduated from Antwerp University (Law) and Centre Belge des Relations Publiques (Public Relations); he is married to Sabine Windelen and has a grown up son who is an entrepreneur himself. Frans is living in Berlin.




Henk Smith is now an independant consultant providing consultancy services to companies providing maritime services.

Henk worked for Smit Internationale and has built up a substantial and global network in the maritime industry. 

He also developed major expertise related to operational, commercial, strategy and investment issues in the maritime industry.In September 2012 Henk started Smith Overseas in which he offers worldwide his services as an expert in the field of operations in the maritime infrastructure both offshore and onshore.Since 2013 Henk Smith is involved in OCRS.