The OCRS “carpet-ing” solution has a vast potential for numerous applications.

Extensive testing under constantly changing and multiple circumstances, supervised by neutral academic and official oil spill test facilities, will make us and you in the coming year much wiser.

Under which circumstances and for which kinds of oil is our product delivering good, better, best results? Testing will show out.

But we see the following services gradually being developed and rendered by OCRS:




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Countless oil spills occur also onshore, whether they are a result of road accidents, spills from onshore oil-rigs or industrial accidents.





On ice:


More and more countries and companies start exploiting the arctic Ocean for new oil-wells. Imagine the damage an untreated oil spill could cause to the nature and wildlife.




Home, garden and kitchen use:


Small oil spills are legio in garages, households, yacht harbours etc... A simple and accurate solution to clean it is necessary.





Sludge removal in tanks:


Just imagine the OCRS solution could be applied to remove the sludge out of tanks. Avoiding high costs or other dangerous solutions.